callmemadam (callmemadam) wrote,

Nature watch: Bufo bufo

I’ve just done one of those garden jobs which leave me with wobbly legs and a sore wrist. Chop, chop, chop with the shears at a great mass of vegetation, in this case loosestrife growing under a small tree. The problem is that it’s all tangled up with tall grasses which have seeded in there; I had to chop the flower stems to see where the grass was so I could pull it out. I don’t know what to do with this patch as the tree roots mean I can’t dig out the grass. Anyway, that’s very boring. The interesting thing was that I’d just got down to the last stand, using secateurs by then, when, like a harvester reaching the rabbits, I saw an enormous toad. Why it chooses to live in a garden with no pond, I can’t imagine. I hope it’s been eating slugs. It crawled away slowly enough for me to get a good look at it but of course the camera was indoors. I’ve borrowed this image from Wikipedia. Always something new to see in the garden.

Tags: garden, nature, toad, wildlife

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