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December 2018



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Who's Queen?

At the Market

*sighs* I know most people would rather read my accounts of bargain hunting than my carefully thought out book reviews.:-) Here’s what I got today.


This wood and tile tray. It will be useful for over-wintering cuttings indoors.£1.00.


Wedgwood Dickens centenary mug, 1970. My hero! I don’t know why people don’t clean things up before selling; the tray and mug look so much better now I’ve washed them.


Some startlingly orange-red gladioli which I’d never have in the garden. For a pound, they make a nice feature on the hearth.


Craft mags. Why so, you ask? Two or three weeks ago I got a *real* bargain. Some people were selling card making materials. While I was idly looking at them, the chap said, ‘You can have the lot for £4.00.’ What? Part of me was saying, ‘No! You can’t possibly start a new hobby!’ The rest of me said, ‘Leave that lot there for that money?’ The stuff filled two very large bags and weighed a ton. Looking at it later, I estimated well over fifty pounds-worth of goods. I resolved to try making some simple Christmas cards, which is why I’m looking for inspiration. Today I also bought a Robert Goddard book I haven’t read and the usual fruit and veg. Quite satisfactory.

Contrary to weather forecasts of an autumnal feel to the weekend, it’s now heat-wave hot!




Lucky you! I love the tray. People can't be bothered washing things they are throwing out but it is to the buyer's advantage because if they did (wash, that is,) they would think it worth more than you are prepared to pay.
Bet you paid less for all your magazines than I pay for just one. Hope they help to get the creative juices flowing.
Glad you have a nice day, we have sunshine, showers and quite a bit of wind.
Wee Sister

Re: Marketing

Thank you!

One of these magazines has a cover price of £7.99! I paid 25p each.
I like the book reviews.
Thank you!
I like to see your bargains *and* read your book reviews : )
Thank you!
I second trixiebacon.

I love the tray!

Wow, a special magazine for card-making. Has it been featured yet in HIGNFY, I wonder ;-)

We'll be getting the heat later in the week.
Thank you!

Now you've got me thinking of possible questions based on crafting.:-) There are lots of these mags and they're all very expensive.
It's funny, isn't it, what people want to read? By far my most looked at and commented upon posts are my car boot ones - I get very little feedback on my reading posts. Yet there are some amazing book blogs out there, which are very popular, and some of which I read avidly.

On the plus side, dirty things are quite often cheaper than clean, I find, so I don't mind a bit of filth (depending on the item, obviously!)
It's one of the unwritten rules of blogging! But I love reading your car boot reports, too :-)