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December 2018



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Is it autumn yet?


Not many posts from me lately. One reason is having a visitor for a couple of days. On Thursday, we went to Kingston Lacy, our nearest National Trust property and a place I know inside out because I once worked there. It was very hot, just like June, and we were glad to escape from the sun into bosky walks.


That’s a celebration of Queen Victoria’s 1887 Jubilee peeking above the trees. Should you be in this area, the house is worth visiting but don’t bother if you only want to look at gardens (my long-held opinion). Here’s a stone marking the entrance walk to the so-called Japanese garden, which you’re not even allowed to walk in.


Hideous. The next day was ten degrees cooler, as predicted, and we were shivering on the platform at Poole station. I did go to the market this morning (cold!) but bought nothing to interest anyone else. Not a single book. Another reason for lack of posts is that I’ve been reading some books which are new for autumn and have come to the Kindle with a request not to review them before a certain date. Coming soon: The Vicar’s Wife by Katharine Swarz and The Signature of All Things by Elizabeth Gilbert.

Query: why does it rain everywhere in the country except on my garden?


Oh, I shall be interested to see what you make of The Vicar's Wife. Katie is a friend of mine and I've enjoyed her romances (she writes for Mills and Boon under another name), but I haven't read this one yet.
I liked it!
How lovely that you had a visitor and got out and about at a National Trust property :) I have National Trust membership but have barely used it this year as I can't walk round the properties. Such a pain - literally.

The weather has been odd, as you say, scorching then wham, ten degrees lower. It was nice out the morning though and we had breakfast outside in the sunshine :)
I don't belong any more, as I felt I wasn't getting enough out of it. What a pity you can't make the most of your membership, let's hope things are going to get better.
I have missed you and am looking forward to reading your pending reviews.

Once again, we are going through a heatwave. Autumn can't come soon enough for me.
Oh, thank you.

Sorry you're suffering in the heat. There's a definite hint of autumn in the early mornings here.