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October 2018



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life on mars

TV Watch: I Love Lucy less than I used to do


I wrote here that I enjoyed Lucy Worsley’s TV programmes (and admired her clothes). Yesterday evening’s offering, A Very British Murder was a huge disappointment. There was about fifteen minutes’ worth of factual information here, padded out to an hour by: Lucy dressed up as Maria Marten and ‘acting’ in the famous melodrama; Lucy singing about William Roper (Maria’s murderer); Lucy dressed up as the notorious murderess Mrs Manning and then playing all the courtroom rôles. It was a complete waste of time.

There’s another issue here. When I read on The Lucy Worsley Blog that ‘It’s publication day for A Very British Murder', I thought, hang on, hasn’t Judith Flanders got a book out on the very same subject? Indeed she has, The Invention of Murder: How the Victorians Revelled in Death and Detection and Created Modern Crime. As the credits appeared at the end of A Very British Murder, I spotted ‘Consultant Judith Flanders’. Guess whose book will sell more copies? The BBC4 programme makers, thinking they’re on to a good thing, are now using Lucy Worsley not as an historian, but as a presenter. I wonder she wastes her time on such tosh.


My advice: read George Orwell's essay, The Decline of the English Murder.


I watched her If Walls Could Talk and although I largely enjoyed it I did find after a while that I didn't actually enjoy her style of presenting and found her vaguely annoying. I didn't see the A Very British Murder. I might catch up on iplayer.
A lot of people seem to find her annoying. I don't object to her personally, more to the programme format and its silliness.
Hmm. I find the Worsley a bit irritating, and I don't think Pete will put up with this programme at all. The Judith Flanders book sounds interesting, however.
I've enjoyed every book I've read by Judith Flanders. Non fiction but easy to read.