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October 2018



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At the market

One of those ‘I’ll have to take this bag back to the car before I carry on’ days. They happen every now and then. Here’s some of my bargains. First up, I bought some stamps, which I’m *very* pleased with and can’t wait to go through. Next, these two vases, £1.00 each.


They were absolutely filthy but to the experienced eye they said, ‘might be Whitefriars.’ Now that I’ve scrubbed them up, I’m sure that they are.


A stack of knitting patterns, £1.50. From the same seller, some cheap and useful stationery and this Doulton ‘Watteau’ plate for my blue and white shelf, £1.00.


More china: Royal Albert ‘Flower of the Month’ for Christmas. £1.50


And how about this? ‘Free books. Please help yourself.’ So I did.


Plus some other quite ordinary things which were still good buys. Phew!

In other news, our mild spell continues. I have the stable door open and it’s warm enough for gardening. The trouble is, everything is dripping wet, which would make the gardening rather uncomfortable. That’s my excuse, anyway.


A very satisfying haul! Love the 'tache on the Sirdar pattern.
You should see the other guy! He's sporting a real handlebar effort. The moustaches are obviously false and the models hamming it up. They had to do something as the pullovers are very dull.
Those vases are gorgeous.
Thank you! For the moment I've put them in the downstairs loo, where I have a teardrop Whitefriars vase in the same colour. Every time I go in there, I get a pleasant surprise. That blue is lovely.
Well, aren't you just the Queen of bargains? :)

The vases were a steal, what a lovely colour they are.

Your blue and white shelf must look very pretty and what a lovely plate to add to it :)
Thank you! Going every week is the secret.

The vases certainly were a bargain, but they looked like nothing sitting on the floor in the semi-darkness. I'm really pleased with them.

The plate has joined similar-coloured china on the dresser. You might call it clutter :-)
Lovely vases!

I think my mum had that cup.

Ooh, a Kate Atkinson hardback for free! And her best novel too (IMO)!
Thank you! The cup has been put away for Christms.
Lucky me! I do love the Jackson Brodie books.
Very nice finds! I love blue and white, too.
Thank you! Blue and white is such a classic look.