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October 2018



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At the market: lightning strikes twice

In spite of the foul weather, there were plenty of buyers and sellers at the market. Last week, I had to make an informed guess that the filthy, grey objects viewed in semi-darkness were actually lovely blue Whitefriars vases. No need for guesswork today as this one came with a label and was mine for £5.00. I think it needs a second clean-up.


Cheap sparklies, £2.00. I love the bracelet.


Five knitting magazines, £1.00.


Three DVDs for those long, dark evenings when there’s nothing on television and I want to knit.


Stamp album that would only interest me. I saved £10.00 off the sellers’ prices by haggling. You don’t ask, you don’t get.

While on the subject of shopping, let me recommend a product I’ve just bought: Uniqlo cord leggings. They look like trousers but they’re pull-ons (with belt loops), you don’t know you’re wearing them and they’re nice and skinny. And cheap!


More great bargains. I'm so missing wandering around our market :(
I hope you'll be able to do it again soon. Bargain hunting is such fun. OTOH you're saving money!
Aaaah, Black Books. I really like that programme.
I love it, too, but it seems to be a Marmite programme.
Lovely finds once again, especially the vase.
Thank you! I'd like to find some books!
Adore Black Books! My son and I saw Moran at the Edinburgh Festival the year he won the Perrier award and have been unashamed fans ever since.
How lovely for you! He seems surprisingly little known, not exactly a household name, yet so much funnier than nearly all the dreary comedians who are on TV *all the time*.


Are the 'Good Life' dvds the show with the late, and sorely missed, Richard Briers and Felicity Kendal? Over here they changed the name to Good Neighbors and I loved it, with a couple hesitations - I didn't like the sort of 'flirting' that went on between the couples, and I hated that show when the vandals came in. I thought it tainted the series.
Yes, that's right. The DVDs I have are just a few selected episodes.
I think the flirting was all part of it. Jerry is my favourite character. Paul Eddington is also sorely missed.
They had to end the series some way, and that's what they chose. It was upsetting, I agree.