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February 2019



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Shirley Hughes News

People who were raised on Lucy & Tom, Dogger and Alfie may not realise that although Shirley Hughes has written and illustrated about fifty books, she's also illustrated a huge number of books by other authors. Now eighty six, Hughes has had a long career in which to get so much drawing done. I was reminded of this today by the Stella and Rose Newsletter and some books they're offering (follow link below). I haven't heard of most of these.

Stella & Rose's Books | Rare, Collectible & Out Of Print Secondhand Books

Lucky Londoners can visit an exhibition in November and also have tea with Shirley Hughes. These are bound to be popular events.

I have several books illustrated by Hughes but I'm not going out in the rain to find them. Here's a book which huskyteer gave me recently and which happens to be handy. Wouldn't you know that style anywhere?




I've loved her illustrations ever since I read (or had read to me) the My Naughty Little Sister books. Later, but still at primary school, I came across her again in MEA's Wood Street books, and now I do tend to pick up books she's illustrated just for the pictures. Have you got the big treasury that came out a few years ago? It's a gorgeous book.
Haven't seen the big treasury. I have a nice copy of The Secret Garden which she did. I love all her cosy family scenes.
I assumed for years that she'd written My Naughty Little Sister because the illustrations are such a key part of the stories. I would love to meet her but I might feel awkward among the 3-year-old fans!
That didn't stop you from meeting Judith Kerr!

My introduction to My Naughty Little Sister was on Listen with Mother! I can still hear Daphne Oxenford saying, 'and do you know what my naughty little sister did next?' So I didn't see the illustrations until years later. They are perfect.
Ha, that's true!

The narration of the (nameless?) big sister is a brilliant device.


Oh I'd like to see the exhibition. My love of her illustrations also comes from the My Naughty Little Sister books and my own daughters liked them, too. Nicola@vintagereads
It's so nice that mothers and daughters can share the love!