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Shirley Hughes News

People who were raised on Lucy & Tom, Dogger and Alfie may not realise that although Shirley Hughes has written and illustrated about fifty books, she's also illustrated a huge number of books by other authors. Now eighty six, Hughes has had a long career in which to get so much drawing done. I was reminded of this today by the Stella and Rose Newsletter and some books they're offering (follow link below). I haven't heard of most of these.

Stella & Rose's Books | Rare, Collectible & Out Of Print Secondhand Books

Lucky Londoners can visit an exhibition in November and also have tea with Shirley Hughes. These are bound to be popular events.

I have several books illustrated by Hughes but I'm not going out in the rain to find them. Here's a book which huskyteer gave me recently and which happens to be handy. Wouldn't you know that style anywhere?


Tags: children's book illustrations, shirley hughes

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