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December 2018



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At the Market

Brass monkeys this morning, but the cold held no fears for me in my fab new fleece lined boots. Lots of sellers, lots of Christmas goodies but I failed to buy any Christmas presents. Here’s some of what I did get.


Plenty of reading matter. As if my TBR pile weren’t already spreading to fill the sitting room.


Rose mugs, £1.00 each. The Coalport William Wilberforce commemorative mug I’d seen before, way back in summer when I bought my Dickens mug. The seller was asking £10.00, which I couldn’t justify paying. ‘No one’s bought poor old Wilberforce?’ says I. ‘Make me an offer’. When I didn’t, she said, ‘£2.00 do it?’ and the deal was done. It’s really cute.


Wrapping paper 50p. I plan to use some of this for card making.


More card stuff. These sellers had a huge number of very different items. I picked up the stickers, said, ‘How much for these. 20p?’ The seller looked me right in the eye, just like Paul Hollywood staring at a Bake Off contestant! The resemblance was uncanny. I stared right back, he laughed and said, OK. Well, they’re only 50p a packet new.


These for £2.00.


Hats (new) £4.00. I look terrible in a hat but this weather, needs must.
Phew, a fun early morning.


I love the mugs.
Thanks! I really don't need more china but there are some old mugs I could definitely lose. Time for a weed out.
It is a bit brass monkey weather again so I've passed on the Saturday market yet again. I was sure there would be no parking and it's too cold to sit on the benches when I need to.

I love the Coalport William Wilberforce commemorative mug :)
It was frosty, but no ice on the roads, which would have stopped me going out.

I do not need the mug. I just like it!
I've been decluttering on and off for a year and I've been trying, with some success I might add, not to buy anything because I like it. One of the joys of the Ely market is all the craft and antique stalls with goods all calling "buy me!". Perhaps it's good that I've been unable to go for months. I'm glad you can still buy things just because you like them :)
You certainly save money by staying at home! Unless you get seduced by online shopping, which it's far too easy to do.
I do shop a lot online but almost always for other people (most often the grandchildren!) and birthday/Christmas gifts and generally things I do need. I do occasionally treat myself of course :) I use the high end goods site Achica a lot but you need to be careful that the offers really are the best price out there. I've had some brilliant bargains from them and I do love to browse with my morning cuppa but it's usually window shopping.
I got The Secret Life of Bletchley Park when it was a Kindle Daily Deal and enjoyed it very much.
Oh, good, I'll move it to the top of the pile. 50p is even cheaper than a KDD!


It's wonderful that at 'our' age, I'm still learning new things, and in your blog! Brass Monkeys. Never, ever heard this phrase so looked it up. Thanks!
Heh! It's rather vulgar but common parlance.