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At the Market

Brass monkeys this morning, but the cold held no fears for me in my fab new fleece lined boots. Lots of sellers, lots of Christmas goodies but I failed to buy any Christmas presents. Here’s some of what I did get.


Plenty of reading matter. As if my TBR pile weren’t already spreading to fill the sitting room.


Rose mugs, £1.00 each. The Coalport William Wilberforce commemorative mug I’d seen before, way back in summer when I bought my Dickens mug. The seller was asking £10.00, which I couldn’t justify paying. ‘No one’s bought poor old Wilberforce?’ says I. ‘Make me an offer’. When I didn’t, she said, ‘£2.00 do it?’ and the deal was done. It’s really cute.


Wrapping paper 50p. I plan to use some of this for card making.


More card stuff. These sellers had a huge number of very different items. I picked up the stickers, said, ‘How much for these. 20p?’ The seller looked me right in the eye, just like Paul Hollywood staring at a Bake Off contestant! The resemblance was uncanny. I stared right back, he laughed and said, OK. Well, they’re only 50p a packet new.


These for £2.00.


Hats (new) £4.00. I look terrible in a hat but this weather, needs must.
Phew, a fun early morning.
Tags: book buying, china, clothes, market
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