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Things to do in Advent 3: sort Christmas reading.

There are some books which I re-read every Christmas, and I’ve probably written about them every December for the past six years. Here’s a little stash of new-to-me books I’ve been hoarding this year.


The one on top, The Thirteen Days of Christmas, is very popular with girlsowners. I read another book by Jenny Overton once, Nightwatch Winter, and didn’t like it at all, so I’ll be interested to try this one. As well as these, I have two on the Kindle from NetGalley: Christmas at Carringtons by Alexandra Brown and Ten Lords A-Leaping by C C Benison. These are both out this month. The main character in Ten Lords A-Leaping is called Father Tom Christmas, which may not make it a Christmassy book. It was recommended by Mary, which is why I requested it.

These plans would be all very well if I didn’t already have so many other books I want to read. I’m currently totally absorbed in Elizabeth Speller’s At Break of Day/The First of July, (also from NetGalley), reading it in every spare second. When I went to the library the other day I intended just to return books, but couldn’t resist grabbing the latest No.1 Ladies’ Detective Agency book while it was there. Then I was attracted by the cover of The Home Corner by Ruth Thomas, so I picked that up as well. I’ve also been saving up a D E Stevenson for a cosy read: Miss Bun the Baker’s Daughter. I will pass over the rest of the TBR piles.
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