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Things to do in Advent 4: visit the Winter Wonderland

To the garden centre again yesterday for another look at the winter wonderland display, which has been up since October. I’d received my invitation to the special opening evening in August! I felt things were lower key than usual this year but there was still plenty of wackiness around and people of all ages were enjoying the festive scene. You don’t often see a Christmas banjo, so I liked this chap.


He was part of a band merrily playing away unfazed while Thomas the Tank Engine whizzed around their feet. I was longing to photograph a small boy gazing rapt through the railings, but you can’t be too careful these days, so I didn’t.


If animatronic dogs are your thing, you’d like this St Bernard, complete with barrel of Cognac. He moved his head around but refused to look at me.


There were trees everywhere, none with a bare branch.





More Santas than you could shake a stick at.


The village layout was smaller this year but these children were still having fun.


I may re-read The Christmas Village, which I enjoyed last year.

I wish I could have seen Santa’s Real Reindeer but you need a small child and a ticket and Santa’s grotto is completely booked up.
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