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October 2018



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What a Day!

Rain is still hammering down here in Dorset. My heart goes out to anyone affected by flooding. Really, standing water in the garden, rain under the kitchen door* and through some of the windows is nothing in comparison. I’m congratulating myself on shopping first thing yesterday, before yet more rain set in. Not a hope of getting to the market today.

The first thing I heard on the news this morning was that Phil Everly had died. My mind is now full of my favourite Everly tracks; not the ones that are being played on the news but Love Hurts, Crying in the Rain, Let It Be Me and Dream, Dream, Dream. Anyone who thinks the death of a former pop singer isn’t really news just doesn’t like music. The beautiful sound the Everlys made was a huge influence on so many future groups.

I’ve started taking down my few Christmas decorations, so parts of the house are looking bare. I’m keeping the lights up as I need all the cheer I can get. Any more grumbles, Madam?

On the bright side, I have some fab new Nine West boots which were a third of their original price. I’m reading two entertaining books: The Secret Life of Bletchley Park and Miss Bun the Baker’s Daughter. This evening I’m going to watch the first episode of Sherlock again, to catch all the nuances I missed on the first viewing. I have hyacinths in flower indoors. I finished a knitting project yesterday and will start another today. Small things.

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*There will be more on this later on. It shouldn't be happening.


My decorations must come down today and I'm sad about it. I think I'm going to have to put my pink fairy lights back up and invest in some flowers and flowering bulbs or January is going to be unendurable to me.

In 2008 I had the whole of January off sick. This is very tempting even though I never want whooping cough again.
Keep the lights! I have some round the fireplace and some on the dresser. The dresser has coloured lights for winter, daffodil lights for spring, and now huskyteer has given me some lovely lanterns with roses on, which will be for summer.

Flowers are cheap for the pleasure they bring.
I have daffodil ones for Spring and pink flowers that often go up the rest of the year. I'm contemplating my party bunting for a bit too. I need all the help I can get at the moment.
I'm contemplating my party bunting for a bit too.

Go for it!
Small, good things. I was wondering how you fared in last night's storm; I'm glad it wasn't worse.

We kept out Christmas lights up all year last year! They should have come down in the spring but it was half way through the year before I felt it was light enough!
I'm six miles from the coast, so it's not as bad here as it is at Bournemouth or Weymouth. I hear South Western train schedules are all disrupted.

I'm for lights all year round! There can be miserable, dark days in summer.
I feel for the flood victims as well, especially as it keeps happening to some folk :(

Very sad about Phil Everly, more of my youth gone :/

I finished taking down my decorations yesterday but I have kept a string of lights up along my curtain rail in the sitting room which will stay there all year and lit on gloomy days! I'm toying with keeping my lit wicker heart in the bedroom window as well but will the neighbours think I'm nuts?

Well done on the boots bargain. My gift baskets for next Christmas have several lovely items in them, all bought at ridiculous prices. The sales were meant to help combat the after Christmas gloom :)

Hope you manage to fix your wet bits!
The neighbours will think, 'how pretty!' If you like it, keep it.

I'm really pleased with the boots. I have a stash under the bed of nice things bought half price. Some people would say it's cheapskate but I say the recipient gets twice the value!

I'm trying not to think about the wet and as the builders shut for two weeks there's nothing I can do except keep changing the towels.
To be honest, if I were receiving gifts I'd rather have quality ones from a sale than full priced lower quality :)

Fingers crossed this awful weather stops soon, or at least the rain :/
Glad to hear you're not inundated by water, even if damp round the edges!
I love all this talk of people keeping lights up - I left our outdoor ones (very, very minimal) until Easter last year and rather enjoyed them. Unfortunately they ceased to function on Christmas Eve, so now they have to be taken down to see if they are completely extinct. And I've just taken down this year's decorations - it was only a few big snowflakes on the windows, but they did look rather pretty.
Maybe I'll see if there's a cheap offer on lights!
I've become very keen on lights and have started collecting old ones if I can pick them up cheaply. I much prefer the old, bright ones to the modern LEDs. Before Christmas I was browsing ebay for them and found people paying up to £100.00 for old sets in boxes!

I had snowflakes on a window, too. Very festive, if inappropriate last year.
There must be quite a band somewhere in the afterlife.
Dream, Dream, Dream playing on the radio right now! Huge coverage here. As one of Professor Unwin's followers put it on Twitter yesterday,
'Phil Everly now dreamy dream dream on celestibole cloudy. All chirpnwarblit in God's choir.'


Rain, Everlys, Christmas

Rain been hammering down here too, for what seems like days, with high winds, and it's so dark and dull outside, but I know we're lucky compared to many. Took the tree down today, and the room looks so bare I nearly put it back up! And, like you, I'm mourning the loss of Phil Everly. The idols of my youth are disappearing one by one!

Re: Rain, Everlys, Christmas

The idols of my youth are disappearing one by one! Too true! But the music lives on.


My very most favorite is the one 'our Paulie' wrote - On The Wings of A Nightingale. Oh, it's so beautiful.
Music is the best. FZ