callmemadam (callmemadam) wrote,

In my garden

This morning, I have been gardening. Nothing to write home about, you may say, but it’s been raining almost non-stop since before Christmas and today we have sun. As usual, I went out to do one small job and ended up tackling a big one. Without changing into gardening clothes, natch, so getting unnecessarily grubby. My plan was the annual cutting back of the enormous ferns by the hedge. Here’s the report from 11th January 2012. Last year I had to pay the gardener to do it, because of my broken wrist. I confess there were moments this morning when I thought that was the less painful option. It’s not a pleasant job at the best of times and currently everything is slimily wet, so that my leather gardening gloves (Town & Country), were soon soaked through. It wasn’t made any easier by having to remove hazel cuttings, brambles and rose stems which had been left behind after the autumn hedge trim. But it’s done and the snowdrop snouts are up! I was looking at the Spitalfields Life blog this morning and marvelling at how far advanced plants are in London. That famous microclimate.

I wanted to cut some catkins for indoors but these were all I could reach. Spiced up with some more of the little daffs I’m growing on indoors. I’ll never win any prizes for flower arranging, but it’s a cheerful vase for the kitchen.

Tags: gardening

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