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December 2018



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Netiquette with reference to blogging

I don’t make new year’s resolutions but I have made a decision which I’ll try to stick to. With a couple of exceptions, I will no longer make any comments on blogs where the writer never replies. It makes me feel: ignored; that I may have said something stupid; that the blogger has taken a dislike to me for some reason (fair enough).

It seems to me good manners to reply to comments, in the same way that you would reply to a letter or an email someone sent you. What does the team think?

It is polite to reply to comments on your blog


It matters not a jot


callmemadam is ridiculously hypersensitive on this issue



While I agree that it is polite to reply to comments on one's blog, I often don't because I really don't have anything to say beyond something inane like "yes" or "lol".
That's OK because you only post to LJ. I'm thinking more of public blogs. Some people are good at it, even if they just say 'thanks for visiting'.
I think the etiquette's different between lj and blogs for me. I think it is polite to answer both, but it's only impolite not to answer comments on lj. Blogs aren't a community thing for me like lj is, so I rarely comment and if I do I don't expect a response.
I notice that you do always reply, so 10/10 for politeness!
I rarely reply to comments on my LJ, unless I have something specific to say. I never knew people thought it was rude and am now mortified that I've been doing it wrong for years.

I must reasses my LJ behaviour.

I don't expect replies to my comments either though, unless we're having an ongoing exchange.
I only think it's rude when the writer *never* replies, as in callmemadam's example of blogs! I try to reply to all mine but that's because I like to do so.
I'm going to try harder, I know it's something I could be better at.
I've never thought you were rude! I don't expect replies when my comment is on the lines of 'What? How very dare they?' or 'Hope you feel better soon'. I was thinking more of the kind of comment which is contributing information or an argument.
Phew! I'm glad. But I am going to make more of an effort to reply to comments in future
It is ok not to reply to every single comment - not everyone can do that and it can inhibit posting, which is not the game. It is not ok to ignore someone over a period of time.
Addendum: my comment does not apply for famous people who get hundreds of comments.
Yes, it would be unrealistic to expect them to take the time. Some of the most famous bloggers, like Spitalfields Life, don't seem to get comments.
In your second case, I think the commenter would give up. As slemslempike says, it's the *never* replying which I find rude to people who've taken the trouble to reply to something you've said.

No obligation to reply to weirdos, of course; that's what the delete button is for.
I don't think there is one universal etiquette for blogging. Different blogs become different kinds of spaces. Some are like friendly chats over a cup of tea, where it would indeed be rude not to reply to commenters. Others are more like public lectures, where the 'crowd' can talk amongst themselves afterwards in the comments. And there's a range of things in between.

The behaviour that I don't like is being emailed by a blogger in response to a comment. Unless it is something which requires privacy or confidentiality, I like public conversations to stay public so that others can join in too.
That's a very good distinction.

I think it's rude to never reply to comments whether it's a blog or LJ. In fact I think it's rude to only reply once in a blue moon. Just a "thank you for your comment" or "thanks" can't be that difficult.

Sorry, I got confused by your second question. I think it does matter a jot whether people reply or not.

The people I dislike most are those who post a lot and never reply to my comments or comment on my blog. They must have a big ego :)
As usual, we agree :-) although as I said, I wouldn't expect people always to reply to the 'No! How awful!' type of comment, which is just showing sympathy. What bugs me is when bloggers actually ask for opinions/suggestions, whatever, and never reply. These bigheads live in a bubble and make use of their readers without acknowledgement.
Like you I don't expect comments on every post or replies to every comment but now and then is welcomed. I agree about those who ask for opinions then never reply when they are offered.
Now you've made me comment . . . it doesn't matter to me whether there is a response to a comment unless I've asked a question. A real one, not a rhetorical one. And yes, it's polite to answer and I notice some people always do so. But I'm not offended in the least if there's no further discussion. We all move on so quickly to other things.

Nonetheless, um, thank you for comments on my blog occasionally. I'll be more careful about answering you. And others. It's only polite to do so . . .
I may only comment occasionally, but I do look at your blog most days. I don't think you've ever offended me! I think we agree that if a question is asked (or answered) it's polite to reply.
I am not sure what I think to be honest.

I try to always reply on LJ but I'm careful on my public blog. Apart from anything else after having so much trouble from an Internet "friend" last year I'm far more careful about responding to people now. I don't want them to think I'm their new best friend.
Oh dear. Yes, sometimes it's best to be cautious.
It was helpful to read the comments and the clarifications made there, because when I filled the poll, I was mainly thinking of my experience on LJ. I was also feeling slightly guilty because when I run out of things to say in response to a commenter, I don't reply, but I think that's when a discussion has run its course. I suppose the etiquette can and will be different on other blogging sites, but if the blogger seems to be starting up a conversation, by asking questions, for example, then it does seem rude not to comment.
if the blogger seems to be starting up a conversation...

Yes, that's my complaint. I didn't know what I was starting when I asked the question!