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June 2018



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Where Have All the Flowers Gone? RIP Pete Seeger

Pete Seeger has died, aged ninety four. Not bad going. I daresay there are still people in the States who think he was a dreadful old commie. I prefer to think of him as a singer songwriter. I just heard Chris Evans say that he thought Where Have All the Flowers Gone? was written by Bob Dylan. Proof of Seeger's great influence, I'd say. My favourite version of any of his songs is probably Turn, Turn, Turn by The Byrds.


A time to dance, a time to mourn

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So sad but as you say, not a bad age. It was such a great song and yes, you can see why people thought it was a Dylan song.
Naturally, I think Bob's songs are better :-)
I can only hear the song as sung by Peter, Paul and Mary. Seeger seems doomed to be remembered best for cover versions of his own songs.
A nice tribute.

I have mixed feelings about him, having read and heard a lot. I did enjoy seeing Peggy a few years ago in concert, and I would have liked to have seen Pete too.
ISTR huskyteer went to see Peggy Seeger and was well impressed (and hugged). Perhaps you were at the same concert! Whatever you think of Pete Seeger, he was an important figure. You don't have to like him!
He was, and I don't ... but I've never really made up my own mind. I normally have an opinion on everything and everyone, but I have never quite worked out what I do think!
I was sad to hear it, but what an innings. Not many people release an album at 89 or sing for the Prez at 90.
True. Another one gone who seemed to have been there forever.