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December 2018



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At the market

I haven't done one of these posts for a while. The market was heaving this morning. I drove down in murky weather with my lights on and back again in bright sunshine. It would be a beautiful, warm spring day here if the wind were less sharp. Even so I have the greenhouse open, the fleece off, the washing line cleaned for use (it was green) and plan to garden this afternoon.

I bought books today, the first time in ages. One of them was a very good buy for 50p.


An enormous pile of old knitting patterns and booklets. Not that I need any more but I love looking at them and even charity shops charge up to a pound each for them nowadays.


Sanctuary and other nice toiletries. The boxes are a little worn but that doesn't matter.


Plus the usual fruit and veg and I enjoyed some pleasant banter and haggling, so a good trip.


What is the book on the bottom of the stack? I love decorated bindings. It's not an A & C Black, is it?
It's good one: an early illustrated edition of At the Back of the North Wind. Blackie, not A & C Black. I like the old bindings, too.
They are my favourite posts! I recognise a couple of the books.

I've been gardening for a couple of hours with Flo. It has been bright, but the wind is very sharp.
I expect you've read The Family at One-End Street?

It was lovely and warm in the sun, if you could keep out of the wind. I managed a fair amount, so I'm quite pleased. So much to do, though!
I know - I've done a few hours now and I can't think that I will ever get it looking good again!

And no, I haven't - you'll have to tell me whether I should look out for it! The Alison Uttley and whizz for atomms I have, though :-)
I love it! By Eve Garnett and famous for being one of the earliest books about a working class family. There are two more: Further Adventures of... and Holiday at the Dew Drop Inn.
I read it when I was 8 or 9 and then I remember being absolutely disgusted at being made to read it again in English lessons in my first year of secondary school!
Always annoying for early readers. When I was at junior school we were read Susannah of the Mounties, which I already knew.
It was nippy this morning but it's a warm and sunny 16°C now and not much breeze in sheltered spots.

You got bargains. I'd love to buy all that but I simply have nowhere to put much else. I'm forever clearing out to make room for new stuff! I'm working on clearing the storage totes under my bed and in the cupboard.
I did well, but I need a one in, one out rule, as I don't have much space, either.
Very nice finds indeed! I hope that the rest of your day is lovely, too.
Thank you! I had a lovely time gardening in sunshine and hope for more tomorrow.
I love your market posts - I wish I had something as good locally xx
We are lucky. The trick is to go every week, not always possible.
General knitting pattern envy here. Sounds such a good market. We don't have second-hand things at our local ones.
I spent the whole of yesterday evening going through them!

The market runs for three days, each with its own character. Saturday is car booters' day, which is where the bargains usually are.