callmemadam (callmemadam) wrote,

In My Garden: mostly yellow

Yesterday, in spite of the cold, I decided to do some gardening in the afternoon. I’d hardly started when it poured with rain and I had to scuttle round putting everything away. At least one corner of the garden looked a little neater. Later I cut a lot of daffodils which had been blown to the ground so they could be admired indoors. It’s jolly cold again today but I managed one job this morning, removing a shrub which hasn’t been pleasing me. Then I took a few photos. This is a general view of part of the garden and you can see that there are daffodils and primroses everywhere.




In February I wrote about perennials which keep their leaves in winter. The bergenia and the epimedium are now flowering.



Finally, reduced at Waitrose yesterday, this rather cute pail planted up with evergreens and violas. As usual with containers of this kind, you couldn’t buy the plants for the same money. The pot and the plants can all be used again, so a win, I think.

Tags: daffodils, garden, primroses, spring
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