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December 2018



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At the market: And all trades, their gear and tackle and trim.


Rather grandiose, to use Hopkins for a post about knitting but I love the poem. At the market yesterday, I bought a Cath Kidston thread tin, which contained some old Sylko threads. The threads are now in my thread box (an old shoe box), though why I keep them when I do so little sewing, I don’t know. I spent part of the evening sorting out all my knitting accessories to store them together in the tin. Who knew I had so much? Tape measures, sewing needles, cable needles, a crochet hook for picking up dropped stitches, stitch holders, stitch markers, four different row counters, those little rubber things that stop your stitches falling off the ends of the needle, needle gauges …and more. Where did it all come from? The tin is full and now quite heavy. And why do I have more than one of almost everything I need? Before reorganising, I had to rummage in my two knitting bags for what I needed so I hope this is an improvement. Are you a tidy knitter?


I also bought a large bag of yarn. It really is time I started another project.
See also What’s in your sewing box?.


What a pretty and useful box and I love the one your nan gave you. What a lovely keepsake :)

Another of your great icons! It's 'Mothering Sunday' for me, too, never Mother's Day.

Yes, there are a lot of memories in that old box.
I'm not sure if I'm a tidy knitter. There's knitting all over the house, but then I do have a lot of knitting yarn, so it might be a quantity problem. All my tiny essential tools (stitch markers, DPNs, fine crochet hook for picking up dropped 4ply stitches) live in an old glasses case.

I look forward to seeing your next project.
an old glasses case

Now there's a novelty! I'd never have thought of it but what a good idea.