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December 2018



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At the market

Dark and wet this morning but there were still plenty of sellers. I bought rather a lot. For example


The box is full of stamps in packets and old margarine tubs. I shall no doubt give most of them away but the fun is in the sorting and they were cheap. They were from a regular seller who often offers me ridiculously expensive stamps, by which I mean catalogue value, which no one pays. He considers everything but classic stamps ‘rubbish!’ and so sells a box of rubbish for next to nothing. I really can’t have a great box like that cluttering up the house so they’ll have to be reorganised and the packaging recycled.


More knitting patterns! I can’t resist. By the time I staggered back to the car with a load of booty, a new seller had appeared, with lots and lots of boxes. I’m hopeless at jigsaws but was attracted by a box of two because one shows a bookshop. What really interested me was some old sewing magazines, which I feared the chap would be asking a lot for. To my amazement, he said I could have the lot for a pound if I bought the jigsaw! Pretty?


All these Mary Stewart books for £2.00. Good condition, too.


Queen triple CD, £1.00


The Blue Lamp DVD, 50p. That’s this evening sorted. The seller and I shared a good grumble about how there’s nothing to watch on TV at weekends. Dirk Bogarde!


When you add up what I’ve spent, it comes to less than the cost of a theatre ticket, so I think it provides good entertainment for a wet weekend. I’ve had a very stressful week* with another to come, so the thought of a quiet weekend reading and sorting stamps is quite pleasing, although I had hoped to garden.

*I’m having all the outside woodwork painted. Never a moment’s privacy and a terrible smell of paint which gives me a permanent headache. Plus, the chap doing the work is Polish and although he’s been working here for several years, still doesn’t speak English well. He’s sometimes hard to understand and I find myself talking to him v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y and carefully. If I’m going to put up with having someone around the house, I like it to be a person I can exchange mundane chit chat with. Unfortunately, this sort of stress makes me quite ill. I know it’s ridiculous but I can’t help it. So hurrah for marketeering.


Hooray indeed! Bargains galore!

You would be proud of me this morning. I have read three chapters of a book (albeit before 7.00 am).
Not bad.

Whoo, go you!
Very nice finds!

We need to have the exterior of our house painted this year, too, and I am dreading it, as I also find it stressful having strangers around and the accompanying mess and upheaval.
Thank you!

It's ghastly, isn't it? I should say, thank goodness I can afford to have it done, and be thankful but I find it all too much.