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June 2018



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Some May flowers

I was hanging washing on the line before half past eight this morning. It was what the weather people are pleased to call ‘chilly’ and the rest of us describe as freezing cold. While I was out there I snapped some pretty things.


Astrantia ‘Princess Sturdza’. I have two other astrantias and they are barely showing their leaves, so are way behind. I don’t know if it’s the variety or the sheltered position which makes the difference.


The unnamed tree peony, which I boasted last year I had raised from seed and had at last produced a flower, now has two! Four next year?


Geum bulgaricum, last seen here as one of the perennials which keep their leaves in winter, is now smothered in pale yellow flowers. It looks a lot like Geum rivale, but that one has coppery-pink flowers.

So much to do in the garden at this time of year!
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Very beautiful.

This year, I managed to tidy up the front before the peonies come out. Hooray!
Thank you.

Well done you! I did some gardening yesterday and plan to go out again soon. It's clouding over, though :-(


Some May flowers

All gorgeous but I love the little Geum. I haven't dared to put the washing out. It rained heavily last night and although bright enough at the moment it is threatening rain again so no gardening for me just now either.
Wee sister

Re: Some May flowers

It's still bright here, although not warm. Washing is dry, though!
Pretty. The tree peony is a gorgeous colour. We had a beauty once but I moved it and it never flowered again although it didn't die.
I wonder why? Some people say peonies can't be moved. A friend of mine moved one of the herbaceous kind several times (she knew the so-called rule) and it didn't suffer any ill effects. I don't know how differently tree peonies behave from the perennial ones.

I am rather pleased with that colour. I left a yellow one behind when I moved but I prefer this.