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Looks like a duck but does it quack?

When I saw these two books

right next to each other on the shelf in my favourite charity shop (supports our local hospital) and they were Buy One Get One, how could I resist? They looked just like Neapolitan ice cream. Perhaps because this is not how I usually decide what to read? Or because I felt it wrong to be such a sucker for pretty packaging? Would a man buy a pink book? And does pink = chicklit = bad? Look at the cover of Saffy’s Angel by Hilary McKay.

Would you guess that it is funny, touching, beautiful and has been enjoyed by three generations in our family? Or at the new covers for the Malory Towers books which I complained about. Mightn’t a girl be rather disappointed to find that there was little in these stories about boys or clothes? Or would Darrell, Sally and Alicia (my favourite, alas) be as fascinating as ever? Interestingly, the eight year old in Made in Heaven enjoys reading Malory Towers. She has her mother’s copies but which edition would they have been? Grandma’s would have been the originals.

Made in Heaven was the first adult book by Adèle Geras that I’ve read so I didn’t know what to expect. The complex family relationships described here are firmly in Joanna Trollope territory but this book is at the same time better written and less compelling: as it were Jean Ure to Jacqueline Wilson. I did enjoy it, especially some of the descriptions; Ceanothus being the exact colour of a blue licquorice allsort, for instance. My problem was not having much sympathy for the two older lovers while doting on some of the younger ones. You could say this is a book about a wedding dress (fab!). I will certainly read her other books now, whether or not they have pink covers. Anyway, I like pink. See what my next pair of socks is to be made of.

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