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August 2018



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garden journal

Chelsea Favourites


I love foxgloves and I always associate them with the RHS Chelsea Flower Show supported by M&G, as we have to call it. Unlike the many plants which expert growers have to hold back or bring on, foxgloves are usually flowering (not last year!) in May. So it’s no surprise to see ranks of them in the Chelsea gardens.

In my own garden, I let the paler ones seed in the hope of getting some interesting colours. Foxgloves are so obliging; very easy to move around. Just now I’m digging out small plants for potting up, so that I can move them to a better position. I like a row of them against the shed. This photo is of my favourite kind: white with dark red spots inside. Gorgeous.


Very pretty. I love foxgloves, too.
Foxgloves and primroses, I don't mind how many I have.
Eek! I have a massive foxglove phobia. This time of year is always fraught for me.
Eek indeed, poor you. I've never heard of that one! I'm guessing you avoid all the Chelsea coverage, then.
I think it might just be me. I do avoid Chelsea. Also swerve madly down pavements when I see the awful things looming at me from front gardens.
They are wonderful plants.
My favourites after primroses, I think.

BTW I'm unable to comment on your blog. My name, email etc. pops up in a box as usual then my comment never appears. It's not just your blog, it's happening with others. I may have to change my login and pretend to be on Blogger; that sometimes works. Hassle!
Comments have been behaving oddly since Typepad was hit by a DDoS attack (it happened again this week). Some proper comments have been held in the spam folder until I spot them and publish them, some spam ones have got through and been published until I spot them and delete them, and I've had no email notifications of comments at all, despite the settings being unchanged. Hopefully things will be back to normal soon, but sorry for any inconvenience!
It sounds even more inconvenient for you! What a pain.
Beautiful, I love foxgloves as well. I always think of English cottages :)
Like mine!
I like foxgloves, I like the way bees crawl all the way up inside them. That white one is very pretty. I never planted any, but have pink ones that self-seed; as long as they're not in a path or anything like that I leave them to grow where they like. Now you've said they're easy to move, though, I can shunt them around a bit more!
They're great and you can move them at almost any time in their growth, so long as you give them a good watering in. Easy!