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Memo to self re garden

Every time I walk round the garden the epimediums shriek, 'Cut off my leaves, NOW'. I reply, 'It's far too cold today.' But it must be done. I can record this not only in my LJ but in this spiffy garden notebook I was given for Christmas.

It's got writing pages, plastic pockets for photos and zipped pockets for seed or whatever and is an example of why I daren't go into Paperchase. Notes in there will be written in ink with my fountain pen. I've always had a thing about stationery, ever since I used to go to Woolworths to buy those ruled exercise books with shiny red covers and the table of Imperial weights and measures printed on the back. Some people find this sad.

This year I shall be recording the knocking down of the wall with the loss of two fig trees and several well grown shrubs including a tree peony. Do you have any idea how long it takes before one flowers? Heigh ho. Looking for the half full glass, not being able to garden that border will give me more time for other areas and should benefit the vegetables.
Tags: gardening, notebooks, stationery love

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