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January 2019



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Car Booting

I ache all over. This comes from trudging round a field carrying very heavy purchases. Yes, I’ve been to Ashley Heath car boot sale. This seems to have become an annual trip (see last year) rather than the weekly one it was years ago. I was up at half past five so thought I might as well use the best of the day. What a glorious drive! No traffic and then that lovely stretch of heathland to drive over, all to myself. Oh, and the ponies all over the road and on the way back cattle grazing on the verge. That road now has a 40 limit and cattle grids everywhere but if you want to enjoy the beauties of the countryside you should be prepared to put up with the minor inconveniences.

Today was craft bonanza and I came back without a single book (shame). First I got a load of knitting patterns, then some craft mags which I’ll read and dispose of. My undoing was to find a lady selling absolutely gorgeous craft materials. Just as well I didn’t have that much cash on me or I could have gone really mad. I felt I couldn’t walk another step but managed to get back to the car. It was already scorchio up there yet I was home by nine. Now I feel I deserve the rest of the day off.


When I picked up this lot again at home, I wondered how I’d carried it at all.


The drive in itself was worth it. I do miss living in that part of the world. I sometimes used to wake early, make a flask of tea and walk to the stream where the ponies would all come down for breakfast. Just glorious and very peaceful.

Glad you enjoyed it and bought lots of interesting craft stuff to keep you busy, especially in winter months :)
Yes, it was a lovely early morning outing. Tiring, though!
I thought of you today as there were some stamp books for sale at the Dauntsey car boot! I bought some seagulls on rocks for the collection (haven't seen any for years), and Master Bacon found a 1978 Topper annual he hasn't got, so a satisfactory outing.
I wonder if they were any good?
Glad you had a successful shop, too!


So jealous!
wee sister
I know!