callmemadam (callmemadam) wrote,

Children's Annuals

There are some nice pictures on the AbeBooks site today.

AbeBooks: Beautiful Vintage Annuals for Children

I have quite a few annuals like this one:


I doubt very much if I could sell it for the sort of price the Abe dealers ask.
I also have Girl, Girls' Crystal and School Friend annuals, plus a selection by Blackie, Oxford, Warne, Selfridge and other quite old ones. Any favourites? I like some of the Collins' annuals, which have book-length stories from their author stable. Collins were great recyclers. You'll often find annual covers reproduced from colour plates in books. TBH I have too many annuals as I can't resist buying them for a pound. One of my best buys was a lovely copy of The Rose Book for Girls. The 'colour' series was really pretty.
Tags: abe books, annuals, girl's own annual
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