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February 2019



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Autumn leaves

Snapping September 14


This photo shows most of yesterday’s non-food purchases at the market. First up, a master class in buying at boot sales.
Me: ‘How much is this?’ (the Monica Dickens book).
Seller: ‘£1.50.’
Me: ‘Too much,’ (puts book back in box).
Seller: ‘50p.’
Me: ‘OK’ (hands over money).

One of my favourite sellers there had what were for him unusual items: three boxes of 45s, all apparently from the sixties. Two blokes (it’s always men) were already looking very carefully through them but I didn’t have the patience. Since the price was ‘three for a pound’ I thought I would just get a few. Amusingly, the giant of a man standing next to me kept handing me records he’d already looked at. ‘Del Shannon?’ ‘Do you like the Everlys?’ When I asked how he could judge my tastes so accurately, he replied, ‘I’m guessing you’re about the same age as I am’! Flattering? Probably not.

The last buy was one I really shouldn’t have made: more knitting patterns. I do not need any more knitting patterns and I have no room for them.



I do not need any more knitting patterns and I have no room for them.

No you don't to both, but I hope I get the chance to see them :) I also want to hear those records!

Wee sister
You shall! How are we to fit everything in?
I have a similar problem with knitting patterns. Maybe use them as wallpaper?

Excellent car boot exchange, there.
Hah, good plan!

On the whole, people at car boot sales are nice.
Oooo, you have the brilliant John Leyton in those old 45s. I always thought he was a bit of a dish. Amazingly he's still performing.
Amazingly he's still performing.
I didn't know that!

Luckily, the record plays perfectly.
Bournemouth Nov 11th is probably the closest to you. Marty Wilde & The Wildcats, Eden Kane and John Leyton. Who knew all these old rockers were still performing :)
Eden Kane! He was a local boy when I was at school.
I love My Turn to Make the Tea. I read it while working on my first newspaper (the Cannock Advertiser, back in 1983), and things actually hadn't changed all that much. :)
I've read One Pair of Hands and er, the other one, but not this one. You encourage me to read it next; I could do with some light relief.



My era, too! Percy Faith and Theme from A Summer Place was one of my favourites, the Everlys of course, and later, in the early 1960s, Moon River (Danny Williams) ... Elvis, of course, Cliff, never! The Shadows, yesssss!!! I even have their first LP from 1961.
Ooh, you cheeky young thing, refusing the book at £1.50! I'd have thought that a bargain, but you were right, 50p quite sufficient for this!
I take it you still have a turntable that will play 78s, 45s and 33s? We do, thank goodness. Sadly, I dumped all my 45s years ago, wish I had them now, but I have all my early LPs.
Margaret P

Re: 45s

Ha ha, I didn't like Cliff because you had to choose between him and Adam and I was mad about Adam Faith when I was twelve!

Yes, I have a lovely old record player like this one. It works perfectly and gives the right sound for the records.


Re: 45s

I am just a gnat's older than you, then, as I remember going on a student exchange to Germany in the summer of 1960 (when I was almost 16) and we used to sing together in the railway carriage various songs of the moment as we didn't have any other means of music on the move. Remember us singing Adam Faith's songs and also Buddy Holly's "Everyday, it's a gettin' closer, going faster than a roller coaster ..." One of my favourites was the Everleys singing Ebony Eyes, which I thought so sad but very romantic!
Margaret P

Re: 45s

Good days!