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February 2019



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I put my head above the parapet

Yesterday evening I watched the Last Night of the Proms. Hearing the adorable Roderick Williams singing Rule Britannia and watching the crowds enthusiastically joining in and waving flags, I was almost in tears to think that if some misguided people get their way, that could be the last time those flags are seen at the Proms.


As I am (genetically, at any rate) half Scottish and half English, I feel slightly disturbed by the strength of feeling some people express in the debate, because I don't really know how to feel. Then I remember it's not about me.

But like you, I think it would be sad. I think that's what I think.
But it is about you! It affects us all but the majority have no say in the matter. It's very sad.
I am sad that a successful union of 63m people could be broken on the will of about 2.6m.

I am even more apsaddened by the nastiness and hatred it has engendered. A Scottish friend has phoned me in tears because already she's seem sectarian violence in Glasgow and she is convinced that the Union is what keeps Hlasgow safe for the majority. She says in many places the vote is split on religious lines and she's scared.

I am part Scot but too far back for me to count but I'd hate to see my heritage ripped from me.
I am part Scot but too far back for me to count
Me too, and so many of us.

Sadly, I can believe how worried your friend is. A bad business.
I watched it as well and got all patriotic, as usual, and then wondered if this would be the last time that wonderful flag would be seen waving away at the proms. It's all very wrong that 2 million people could split up Britain (assuming approx 50% of the population vote yes and 50% no). I read that Scottish soldiers living in England or other postings won't get a vote. So, what's going to happen to those wonderful old Scottish regiments that are a part of the British army? If the yes side win it will affect so many people adversely in many ways. They won't be able to change their minds in 4 years time. I foresee a lot of bad feeling whatever happens.

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Spot on and them's my sentiments, too.
The Union Flag is too strong a brand to be let go of. I reckon we'll still have them next year (and I'll still be waving the Brownies flag next to Kirsty).
Bless! I'd like to see that flag waving.
I've been keeping out of this one, as a resident of another country, but I hope that the result is an overwhelming majority either one way or the other. I can't see a narrow majority either way causing anything but internal strife for Scotland, and no-one wants that.
Everyone is entitled to an opinion! As far as I can see, whatever happens half the population of Scotland will be unhappy. We can just hope that everything stays peaceful.