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February 2019



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life on mars

TV watch: New Tricks

I love New Tricks, however far fetched the stories are. I wondered how the new set up would work but I’m liking Nicholas Lyndhurst as Danny; I love the way he knows everything. Yesterday’s episode was particularly good, venturing into the realms of psychogeography. Two murders connected with London’s underground River Fleet and a spooky trip into the sewers were just part of the fun. All that stuff about the river demanding blood? I was expecting Peter Ackroyd to get a credit at the end! See my review here of London Under.


Nicholas Lyndhurst, photo BBC


Weird to think he's now old enough to play an old bloke!
I know!
I love it too. I can't look at Nicholas Lyndhurst without thinking of Rodney. He fits in well with the rest of the characters, though.
It's hard when a really good actor gets identified with a single role. I rate him and think he deserves some good parts.
I wondered if the writers had been reading Christopher Fowler's Bryant and May novels; a lot of the stuff about the history of London is the sort of thing Arthur Bryant comes out with.

I really enjoyed that episode. Glad to see the show is still strong. My husband hates it but I force him to sit through it!
I've been wondering if those books are any good. Now I'm intrigued!

It was my favourite episode so far in the current series. Your husband may learn to love it :-)
I really like them. I'm a country mouse, but Christopher Fowler knows so many of the hidden stories about London, the place is as much a characters as the actual characters. It's refreshing to have a couple of older people as the lead characters - very little relationship guff, which I cannot abide - and a lot of quirky facts. Fowler's made me love London.


New Tricks

Sounds like they are trying to ride on Ben Aaronovitches coat tails too.
My sister recommends New tricks but I'm Rather torn between the actors I do like in it and the ones I dont.
Oh, my goodness. I still think of him as he was in 'Butterflies'. I'm trying to both update my mental image while also avoiding the implications for my own age.
Alas, it's the same for all of us. I'm forever seeing some actor I used to like a lot and thinking, 'Gosh, he looks old!' forgetting that I do, too. Mirrors, pah!