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February 2019



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Piano playing

This is fab

BBC Music - BBC Music - #LoveBBCMusic - Tonight 8.00pm

I've watched it three times already. I can never get tired of this song.


I'm so glad you posted that! Our internet died for a couple of minutes and I wasn't able to watch at 8 o'clock. Eliza, who told us all to watch, was of course brilliant ...
Glad to be of service!
I love this song. I bought it when I was 15. I can remember where I bought it and I remember playing it over and over on my Dansette record player. It's remained a large part of my musical history. The BBC version? I like some of the artists and I like it better when I just listen. The video production is a bit too overblown for my taste. I really hope it does well, though.

Damn LJ, I've been trying to post this comment for ages!
I know just where you're coming from with God Only Knows. The first time I heard it I just wanted to go on hearing it over and over again.

I see what you mean about the video but it is fun spotting everyone. Well, some people; there were a few I didn't recognise. I expect they're very famous! I felt a little teary seeing poor old Brian Wilson.
I've been trying to reply to this for more than a day and it's just let me in!

I felt the same about Brian Wilson. He's had a hard life really, what with all those breakdowns and losing his brothers. Kudos for coming through and continuing to perform.
It is fab!
Glad you think so!

I'm sorry I still can't comment on your blog; I do read it.
I'm glad you were able to see it: I thought iPlayer wasn't available overseas?

So appropriate and rather touching to see Brian Wilson.