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June 2018



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All change for Advent

1st December is the day of the china swap. Out goes anything summery-looking, to be stashed in a cupboard. In come robins, reindeer and winter shrubs and flowers. Sounds grand but actually takes me about five minutes. New this year is the little Brambly Hedge plate I picked up at the market during the summer. Rather twee, but I like it.



I like it as well 😃
It's cosy! I prefer the winter series to the others.
That's such a pretty plate.

We have Advent calendars, and I brought the stockings with us from the house. My Christmas china is all in storage (I hope!) along with the tree decorations, but we have the Christmas napkins that my grandparents bought in Pakistan the year I was born. We will have Christmas!
And cheap!

I'm so glad your Christmas decorations are safe. I feel quite sentimental about mine, especially the ones bought in the seventies!
Swapping over china sounds lovely. I'm trying to work out when it will be acceptable to start wearing my Christmas brooch. I don't want to spoil Christmas by having too many of the good things too early. (Tree goes up a fortnight before Christmas.)
It makes a change! I also swap the lights on the dresser according to the season. Currently I have vintage fairy lights from the market, which I much prefer to LEDs.

I'm not one for early decorations, either. I can't be doing with this 'put them up on the 1st December, take them down on Boxing Day' stuff. 1. Advent. You're supposed to be waiting for something. 2. Twelve days of Christmas start *at* Christmas. Outmoded traditionalist, me.
I think that it is very charming!
Glad you like it. The whole series is nice but I like Winter best. The china is Royal Doulton.