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December 2018



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garden journal

Non-stop flowers


I wrote last July about how pleased I was that my miniature orchid had started to flower again. Nearly six months later, it’s still flowering. Now tell me orchids are difficult to grow.



*Claps* Lovely! I've never had problems getting orchids to flower either. One of my three (I split one recently) has a new flower spike so there will be flowers in due course. The one I split is the same colour as yours, the other is white and pink.
Well done you, dividing one! I'm going to have to pot this little one on at some point, as there are roots everywhere.
Repotting is easy. You do it when necessary (but not too often as they don't like that) and once it's finished flowering. You basically gently remove it from the pot and chop all the roots off bar two or three of the very newest - I am vicious with mine and it all goes but not the leaves. I use orchid compost and add a bit of John Innes to the mix then just stuff the orchid in and give it it's usual minimal weekly water. It's had a new leaf so it's alive and the split pair are okay too. I think that once you know your orchid and what it likes and doesn't like then it's all easy peasy. You clearly have the gift :)
Thanks for the tips!
As the only house plants I can't kill are jade and the rest of the house is full of peace lilies which you can replace for £2.99 in the supermarket, this is heartening. Perhaps I should branch out into orchids.
I'm exaggerating a little. Obviously there are orchids which require special glasshouses, temperature control and misting sytems. But the sort you buy in garden centres or supermarkets really are easy. The one shown here cost about 50p at the market.

I'm hopeless with poinsettias. They start dropping their leaves almost as soon as I get them home. Another easy plant is Primula obconica, which I've had in flower for weeks and then repeating. Some people get a skin reaction from the leaves so you need basic precautions handling them.
How beautiful! I have always been intimidated by orchids, but I may try one yet.
Worth a try for those bizarre flowers!