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Knit 'n' Yarn

Only of interest to knitters.

Once a month a group of friends gets together and Does Something. Maybe a pub quiz or just a walk. Yesterday it was an evening of knitting and crochet hosted chez moi. We decided to call it a knit and yarn meeting on the grounds that we are not bitchy. I provided the kitchen table, a lot of yarn and accessories, piles of patterns and the wine.

One person brought a fuzzy scarf. Another is knitting a child's jacket (in Sirdar Snowflake) for a charity. A square was knitted, crochet skillz rediscovered, new stitches tried out. Wine was drunk, tongues wagged, patterns for crochet bikinis and woollen underwear laughed at and then there fell one of those sudden hushes that comes over a group of absorbed people. A very relaxing evening and as a plus two people left yarn behind 'in case you'll use it?' A yarn swap would be a good idea...


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