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February 2019



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Cat out of Hell, Lynne Truss


Little did I think when I took out from the library a book by Lynne Truss (amusing writer), that it would turn out to be a horror story which I didn’t dare take to bed with me. But so it was and I found the story so gripping that next day I read it almost at a sitting (it’s a short book). It all starts innocently enough when Alec, a retired librarian from Cambridge University and recently widowed, takes a remote holiday cottage in an attempt to stop brooding about his dead wife. While there, he looks at some files previously downloaded to his laptop, sent to him by a Dr Winterton. He barely knows this Winterton; why has he been sent the files? Reading them is even more confusing. He finds conversations between some people called Wiggy and Roger. But Roger is a cat. Yes, a talking and highly intelligent cat with a strange history: ‘I was born in 1927 …’

When Alec gets home again, he finds that these emailed documents were not sent randomly but that he is in the whole Roger business up to his neck and that his wife’s death may not have been an accident. I won’t give any spoilers but you have to suspend disbelief for a while and accept that cats are basically evil (what?) and that the special powers which a few of them have must be defeated.

The horror aspect of the book is mitigated by the fact that it’s also funny. A very cleverly constructed story, worth a read (unless the thought of evil cats upsets you too much).


I read the summary on Goodreads and decided evil cats were not for me!
In other news, LJ's comment-posting mechanism has been rubbish lately.
Oh? I've found it slow but had no other problems.
It posted my original comment twice, then I deleted one and now there's no trace of it!
I had two email notifications of exactly the same comment from you!

What annoys me is that it won't put my replies after the right comments, but it's always been that way.
It's funny, though.
I was concerned I might not find it funny, especially if harm came to cats. (I don't really like Saki's Tobermory, brilliant though it is.)
Not just cats: a dog! Oh dear, can't say anything about the cats or I'll be giving everything away. More humans than animals are er, damaged in this book.


I have an evil cat so do not need to read about one lol
Wee sister
Ha ha!
I do love a good horror story and if it has a disclaimer that 'no cats were harmed in this story' I might decide to read it :)
See comment above! Oh dear, I seem to have put everyone off reading what is really a good book!