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June 2019



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Flower of the week: miniature daffodil


That come before the swallow dares, and take
The winds of March with beauty;

Shakespeare’s daffodils wouldn’t have been like the ones in our gardens; more like those Wordsworth wrote about, I imagine. The principle remains though: however foul the weather, the daffodils don’t fail us. There are masses of daffodils of the larger type in my garden but they’re not out yet. They were all here when I moved in. The miniature ones I planted myself, in front of the potting shed, where they do very well. I had to cut this little beauty because I wasn’t prepared to lie down on wet grass just to get a photo.

Yesterday was a glorious spring day and I could garden outside feeling the warmth of the sun. Today we’re back to the November-like murk which has plagued us for the past week. But still there are daffodils. By the end of their season, I always feel they have delighted us long enough, but it’s worth waiting for the late flowering of the beautiful Pheasant’s Eye type, as shown in the userpic.


As you saw a couple of posts back my miniature daffodils are out but also the large trumpet ones and very cheerful they look as well. I bet your garden looks wonderful once the larger daffs open :)

We've had plenty of sunshine but it has been chillier here than it was a week ago. Today is dreary :(
There are daffodils all along the bank under the hedge and quite a few in the grass as well, so yes, they do look nice for a while.

It brightened up for a while this morning but we're back to drear now. Come on, spring!


I love the little bulbs. The daffodils are especially welcome after a dreary and lingering winter. Our last house was very old and there had been many gardeners before me. Every spring, blankets of white and yellow and bicolored daffodils appeared at the edge of the woods. I truly miss them and have to settle for bunches bought at the grocery store.

Re: Daffodils

That sounds lovely! A bunch indoors is nice, though.