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May 2019



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Flower of the week: Fritillaria meleagris


I’m trying to choose each week something which wasn’t out the week before. Tricky, because so many spring flowers last for weeks on end. I’ve picked Fritillaria meleagris, as here. The link takes you back to older posts on the subject (and better photos). There’s no sign yet of the Dicentra which you can see in one of those posts. I do hope I haven’t lost it.
Fritillaries look wonderful in meadows as here at Cricklade in Wiltshire. Sadly, such sights are rare.

In my garden, the fritillaries are growing on the bank under the hedge. Last year, to my horror, I saw that they were being attacked by the dreaded lily beetles and went into battle armed with a yogurt pot and my finger nails (work it out). They look OK so far this year but I’m keeping an eye on them. And I’m never growing lilies again, which is a shame.


Lovely picture at Cricklade. Do you do the Woodland Trust's nature calendar?
I had to Google the Woodland Trust's calendar and now I've bookmarked it. What a good idea: thanks!
You're welcome. I like to do the garden birdwatch and the nature calendar each year :)
My fritillaries - the first I've ever had - are just about out; very exciting!
Hurrah! From now on, new flowers out all the time. Also some anxious peering for signs of new growth on old favourites.

Fritillaria meleagris

I love these flowers. How does that plant know how to make those intricate checkerboard patterns?! They're magical. We used to live next to a stream and had a boggy area at the bottom of the yard. I planted some Fritillaria meleagris there and they liked it. What a delight to see them each year. Thanks for sharing your flowers with us!

Re: Fritillaria meleagris

Sounds like you had the perfect place for them!

My pleasure.