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May 2019



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At the flower show

Best bloom in show.

spring show15bestbloom

I asked the winner how many plants he had to grow to get that one perfect bloom and he told me, ‘three’. Golly! The variety is called ‘Banker’ and is expensive. He was so chuffed, which is nice because he’s a youngish chap and we need more support from younger people.

I’m always fascinated by the Miniature class in the flower arranging section and I thought this entry was charming. The winner was a man, which I mention only because, although there are plenty of male florists, it’s almost exclusively women who enter these classes at our shows.


I’d hardly walked through the doors when someone pointed an accusing finger at me and said, ‘Not a single entry from you!’ So I bought some raffle tickets out of guilt. It was very quiet, as was the whole town. Perhaps everyone was watching sport on TV? It’s a shame when people have put so much effort into putting on a show.


That's a wonderful daffodil! I wonder what criteria makes it perfect? I'm impressed with the miniature display as well. Men can be very creative and arty.

It's a shame it wasn't as well attended as it might have been.

Beautiful day here again but the wind has really got up this afternoon!

The judges go by very strict RHS rules which apply to each different class of daffodil. What struck me abut that partuclar flower was that the petals formed an almost perfect circle, so I guess that's one of the points for that class.

Wind: you're telling me! I've been outside for an hour weeding and tidying and have come in all of a glow.

At the Flower Show

That's a lovely and creative little arrangement. I admit to a fondness for the little bulbs - tiny tulips and daffodils and grape hyacinths - and disdain for overblown blooms.

Re: At the Flower Show

Anything tiny fascinates, doesn't it, like dollshouses.

I agree; I really don't like double daffodils, for instance.

Re: At the Flower Show

Two women of one mind. I love dollhouses, too, and snow globes. I used to make petit point Oriental rugs for my nieces' dollhouse. Alas, the girls are grown and I have arthritis in my right thumb. At least I can still look at the lovely little flowers.
It always is! The growers are really dedicated.