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July 2019



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garden journal

Flower of the week: Euphorbia characias ‘Black Pearl’


I love the acid greens and yellows of euphorbias in spring. The characias types make quite big shrubby plants, as this ‘Black Pearl’ has done, now that I’ve found the right place for it in the garden. It started off in the death bed, which killed it, but luckily I’d taken cuttings and so didn’t lose it. I’m particularly fond of the low domes of E. epithymoides . According to Margery Fish, this was once common in cottage gardens. I had it in my old garden, snapped up a new plant when I saw it but failed with it in that same doomy bed. I dug it out and now have two plants potted up, waiting for a new home.

Most euphorbias are lovely but beware the runners. E. cyparrisias is a low growing charmer but gets everywhere. I would never plant E. robbiae again except to cover rough, dry shade in a very big garden. It’s a real thug.


You're the second friend to post a picture of euphorbias in the last week or so. I had not known the name before but I have seen them about. Her's had a red centre.
What a coincidence! This is their time. Your friend's might be 'Dixter'?


I had a euphorbia in my previous garden, but I don't remember which one. The one in your photo is dramatic and lovely. I hadn't seen it before. Since I no longer have a garden, it makes me too sad to look at garden magazines and plant catalogs.

Re: Euphorbias

Glad you like the pic. I'm sorry you don't have a garden of your own any more but there are lovely ones to visit.
Haha death bed!

Euphorbias were always Mother's favourite (now she is obsessed with hellebores).
I'm still experimenting to find plants that will survive there! It looks quite pretty at the moment.

Oh dear, hellebores. That's a serious addiction :-)
She likes any colour, but she is obsessed with the almost-red ones!
I like euphorbias. This one has a particularly otherworldly look, or as if it's been around for millions of years.
I like weird plants!