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May 2019



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A Little Chaos

I’m rather looking forward to seeing this film, although some people think it will be boring because ‘it’s about gardening’. The best thing about it at the moment is that Alan Rickman is all over the place promoting it, so you get to hear his voice. I could listen to him reading the telephone directory, as they say. I don’t know how it’s done. In the last Harry Potter film, nice characters are being killed off left, right and centre and I sit quite unmoved. Then Alan Rickman says one word, ‘Always’ and I start crying.


I saw an interview, yesterday I think, with Alan Rickman and Kate Winslet talking about the film and a snippet of it. It does look sumptuous and worthy of a watch :) It was suggested that people (lesser actors and such) are scared of Alan Rickman but Kate reckons Alan is a big softie :) I think he's smashing :)
Was that where she said she kept bursting out of her dresses because she was pregnant? I saw that.

I've no idea what Alan Rickman is like IRL and I don't really care. I do rather admire the way he doesn't give away much about himself.

Ha ha, lesser actors like Bruce Willis and Kevin Kostner! I've watched Die Hard any number of times just to see Rickman and it's well known that Kostner cut huge chunks from Robin Hood Prince of Thieves because Rickman was stealing the film.
His Sheriff of Nottingham is one of my favourite performances....and Truly, Madly, Deeply. So many others really, as he is great.


Me too, Barbara! Miranda
Ha ha, join the club!


A Little Chaos

It's a lovely film. Not a great film, but it held our attention throughout it's 2+ hours and we really enjoyed it. Of course, the critics, to a large extent didn't like it. It was too simple, too straightforward for critics to enjoy!
As for Rickman, I've enjoyed his various films since I first saw him in the BBC TV series in the early 1980s of The Barchester Chronicles when he was Obadiah Slope.
Margaret P

Re: A Little Chaos

That's good to know. A treat in store.