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June 2019



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life on mars

TV watch: Je t’aime


A little heads up about a good programme you may have missed. I love French music so Je t’aime, the story of the French chanson was a must-watch for me. It was shown on Friday evening on BBC4 (where else?) and clashed with HIGNFY. I caught up with it on the iPlayer yesterday evening and wasn’t disappointed.

Petula Clark, no mean chanteuse herself, was the presenter. There were people I’d never heard of, people I’d thought must be dead, people (Juliette Greco, Jane Birkin) who look amazing for their age. Everyone from Charles Aznavour to ZAZ agreed that in French music the lyric is more important than the tune; naturally the French think that their songs are more intellectual and better than any others. Plenty of informed, intelligent comment and lots and lots of music. Interesting that the French refer to ‘the Anglo Saxons’, lumping British and American music together as if it were the same. Hmm, it’s a POV.

I’d never seen Charles Trenet performing before. Here's his most famous composition, La Mer.


I watched it and loved it!

I was brought up listening to Charles Trenet :-)
Oh, good! I wouldn't mind watching it again.

Lucky you. I knew the song when I was quite young but couldn't have told you anything about it.
Charles Trenet singing the very classic La Mer gives me goose bumps and always makes me want to dance :) Thank you so much for the reminder of how lovely it is :)
My pleasure! Watching the programme, I felt I was in Paris :-)


Je t'aime Francoise Hardy

Francoise Hardy one of the biggest recording stars in French history deserved more than the paltry 1 minute and 50 seconds allowed and they got her age wrong she was not 22 years old in 1962 try 18.

Re: Je t'aime Francoise Hardy

They did have a lot of people to fit in!


Re: Je t'aime Francoise Hardy

What more Marc bloody Almond!

Re: Je t'aime Francoise Hardy

I suggest you complain to the BBC, rather than me! I enjoyed the programme, you obviously didn't. C'est la vie.


Re: Je t'aime Francoise Hardy

Apologies for my abrupt tone. I was being Mr Grumpy more than usual. Will listen to Francoise's Tant De Belles Choses album and chill as they say.

Re: Je t'aime Francoise Hardy

Thank you!


I absolutely loved this too Barbara. Must get hold of the Zaz Paris album! Miranda
I love ZAZ and have your Mum to thank for the introduction!


La Mer

Oh, that is so gorgeous. One of my very favourite French songs - I have an old LP of Charles Trenet, and this is on it ... It gives me goose bumps, too. It takes me back to the early 1960s when as a young girl I would return home from a friends house and changed buses at Torquay harbour, walking from one side of the harbour to the other and at night (not late at night, but certainly at night, but it was much safer in those days) the harbour sparkled with reflected light, it really lived up to its name "the English Riviera" and I would hum this song to myself ... it's plaintive, sad and uplifting, all that same time. Thank you so much for this link.
Margaret P

Re: La Mer

Lovely, isn't it? Seems to be an all round favourite!