callmemadam (callmemadam) wrote,

Flower of the week: Solomon’s Seal


A very old cottage garden plant, officially called Polygonatum × hybridum.
I chose this when I saw the sun shining through it this morning. I just love the way the flowers hang so neatly and, when you look close, the green markings.

There’s a plant which comes up every year, right inside the hedge. The one photographed here is an oddity. It pops up in spring, in the grass, on the edge of a clump of daffodils. This means that every year about the end of June, when the daffodils are finally mown over, it gets cut to grass level. Yet it never fails to reappear the following spring. How weird is that?

I struggled with Solomon’s Seal in my old garden because it was always attacked by gooseberry sawfly, which shreds the leaves. Luckily, that never happens here.


In other news, the scaffolders have just arrived for the second day, ready for the rethatching.
Tags: flower of the week, solomon's seal
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