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May 2019



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Outlander socks


I decided I ought to rename these socks because so much of the knitting was done watching the preposterous Outlander. I’ve now seen the first eleven hours and probably won’t watch the rest when they become available. I got rather tired of seeing the bag-of-bones heroine getting her clothes ripped off in every episode and even more tired of the programme’s anti-Englishness. Query: why is full frontal female nudity considered acceptable for mainstream television, but not male? Is there actually a rule about it?

Back to the socks. I like them, they fit well, you can wear the cuff turned up or down. Unfortunately every attempt to photograph them actually on my feet was a failure. Yesterday evening I started another pair, which will be more interesting to make.


I love Outlander! I can see why they didn't show it in the UK prior to the referendum, though. :)
It was only shown in Scotland! The BBC didn't get it for the rest of the UK. I was only able to watch it because of my new Amazon TV Fire Stick, which is brilliant.

You're bang right about not showing it before the referendum. Talk about historical bias ...
I was thinking that very same thing about male and female nudity when I watched Game Of Thrones last week. The women are flaunting it all but the blokes have 'discreet' poses.

The socks are great.

Pah! It must be a rule.

Thank you!
For the BBC, there's no distinction in the editorial guidelines between male and female nudity (within the content it shows, anyway, given that it doesn't show anything that would be classified as porn), so it depends on where the programmes are coming from to some extent. There's no legal restrictions on US cable shows, so the disparity between men and women there is a commercial choice. In contrast, full frontal male nudity crops up with some regularity in BBC4's imported Scandinavian dramas (most recently with a room full of naked male soldiers on Saturday's 1864).

/passing via friends friends

And there was me thinking 1864 would be dreary ...

Always welcome!
This post made me smile!

Lovely socks.
Jolly good!

Thank you. I'm racing away with the next pair; Regia yarn knits up really quickly.