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May 2019



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Flower of the week: the wrong clematis


At one end of my garden there is a land anomaly of some sort, probably an ancient boundary. It means that the hedge dividing the garden from the meadow comes to an end and a modern fence has been put up in the corner. It used to have four awful buddlejas in front of it but I soon got rid of those nuisances. Last year I decided a Clematis montana was what I needed to cover the horrid bare space quickly, so I bought a white one. Or so I thought. The same year, it put out double pink flowers. I was quite cross and complained to the garden centre. The chap I spoke to looked at my photo and said immediately, ‘That’s ‘Boughton Star’.' After he'd checked on my card that I had really bought an allegedly white clematis, we came to an agreement over compensation.

The plant grew like mad; at one time I was having to train it every single day. As you can see from the pic below, it’s made good progress in just one year. I just wish it were white.




One of my favorite flowers. I had a trellis with pink roses and a white clematis. It was lovely. I had other clematis plants, too, Etoile Violet being one of my favorites.

Re: Clematis

Clematis and roses go so well together. On one gable wall of my house there's a mix of a rose, clematis and honeysuckle. Unfortunately it's all covered in scaffolding at the moment so the effect is wasted.

Etoile Violette is a lovely clematis.


I just wish it were white

It may not be white but it is beautiful. I love the variegated petals. My clematis are still growing and have yet to produce buds.
wee sister

Re: I just wish it were white

It is very pretty but you have to get up close to admire the flowers. I want to see a billowing mass from a distance.
I adore clematis of any variety. It's a shame you haven't got your white Montana but the Boughton Star is still very pretty :)
It *is* pretty and has so many flowers on it!