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May 2019



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garden journal


Watching Gardeners’ World yesterday evening, I was intrigued to see Joe Swift learning how to make Kokedama, or hanging plants encased in moss. I see this is a trend which has swept the globe but passed me by. Behind the times as usual. I liked what I saw on Gardeners’ World: a shed with hanging plants dangling along the front. I’m less keen on the idea of having these indoors and also put off by the high maintenance. Watering my pots and baskets is one thing, soaking a root ball every day quite another. So is it genius or a daft idea which I suspect exposes plants to too much potential root drying? Opinion seems widely divided between, ‘Gosh, what fun!’ and ‘Pah! What a messy waste of time!’ Anyone had a go?

There are tutorials on YouTube and lots of examples on Pinterest.


Photo from here.

Possibly these works of art are more suited to a city garden than to one in the country. And we're kidding ourselves if we think we can make our gardens look Japanese. You just have to be Japanese to understand how their gardens work. Or so I think.


That does look rather stunning. But what a faff!!

I fail at keeping hanging baskets looking nice some years.
It would be a lot of effort.

Last year was very bad for baskets; I took mine down much earlier than usual. They are of course looked down on by horti-snobs but I think they have a place. In my porch.
It's an interesting idea but a bit of a pita looking after them. I think they would work quite well for anyone who only has balcony.
Yes, I can see it working in one of those London shady basement courtyards, painted white. Or a balcony, as you suggest.
I was a successful outdoor gardener when I actually had gardens, but I've never had much luck with indoor plants or container gardening. I don't think I'd want to try these. I've already killed an African violet I bought a few months ago and the three Boston ferns I bought seem extremely unhappy, even though they're now outside in the warm / hot weather.
That's bad luck.

outside in the warm / hot weather.
Hah! You will find us all complaining of the cold here.


hanging plants

I'm not terribly keen on any plants that dangle. When I see hanging baskets, and especially those box 'balls' which are so popular right now (even artificial ones which are crass in the extreme.) They tend to give me the impression that a house has been decorated with dangly earrings! They have their place, I am sure - perhaps outside ye olde world pubs, those with leaded lights and long cat-slide tiled roofs. I prefer plants in the ground or in urns and Versailles tubs.
Margaret P

Re: hanging plants

Earrings, ha ha!

I think they can be overdone but do have a place.