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May 2019



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New socks!


All the fun of fairisle without the faff. These are knitted in Regia Design Line by Arne & Carlos. The colourway is ‘Summer Night’ but they have a wintry look to me. No sooner had I grafted the toes than I cast on another pair, this time in pale sherbert colours.


In other news, it’s fifty years since Like a Rolling Stone came out. Frightening to think that I was at school then. Wonderful that the record still sounds great. I turned it up as loud as possible, regardless of what the thatchers might think, and shouted out every word.


Fab socks. I wish I could knit something other than dishcloths or scarves ;)

I remember Like A Rolling Stone coming out, I was getting on for 15 and at grammar school. Me and my friend Wendy both bought it. We are still friends all these years later :)
Thank you! Socks aren't as hard to make as people think.

How wonderful to stay friends for so long. I have a couple of friends still from my sixth form era but they weren't school friends.
I'd love to knit some socks. I can never find ones I like in the stores. I've had to (temporarily, I hope) give up needlepoint because of the pain in my right thumb. Maybe knitting wouldn't hurt it so much.

I just bought the latest Bob Dylan CD, Shadows in the Night, the one on which he sings Frank Sinatra songs. Have you heard it? What do you think about it?
I think knitting and piano playing are good for the arthritis in my hands, so I keep at it.

I've heard several tracks from the new CD but haven't bought it. I don't mind Bob doing covers. He can do anything, as far as I'm concerned!
Very nice. Really like the colours together.
Thank you! That mix leapt out at me when I was deciding which to buy.
Thank you! I'd certainly buy that yarn again.
Gorgeous socks. I love Regia yarn. Have you ever seen this pattern? lurpak recommended it for using up ends of sock yarn. I'm enjoying making my own very much.

I almost always use Regia yarns now. They're fun and they wash well; perfectly designed for socks.

Thanks for the link; I always have leftovers!
Fab socks - love the colours.
Thanks! I'm pleased with them.