callmemadam (callmemadam) wrote,

Flower of the week: Penstemon Riding Hood ‘Delft Blue’


I took these photos before seven this morning, hoping that the early light would give a truer colour than bright sunshine. They still give no idea of the wonderful, intense purple-blue of the flowers. This is a new plant to me and one I’m very pleased with. I bought it at the nursery sale last year and it came through the winter, no problem. Unlike the penstemon I perhaps mistakenly put it next to, it has a very neat, compact habit, so will never flop. Not that the big one flops because I supported it early with one of my hazel wigwams. Penstemons are great garden plants. Flower all summer, drought resistant, easy to propagate. What’s not to like?

Tags: flower of the week, penstemons

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