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At the Market


There weren’t many sellers at the market this morning yet I did better than I have done for ages. I’d hardly started looking round when I found a box of old books and amongst them these by O Douglas. I tried for £2.00 but got them for £3.00. I already have a set of the Nelson Pocket series so they can go. Unforgettable Unforgotten I’ll be keeping as I don’t have it. A new cover needed for that one. I’m sorry to say, in view of my constant complaints about how I have no room for my books, that I’ll also be keeping the Yellow Jacket, simply because I already have two of the novels in the same edition and I like them.

Next I found a seller who sold me this little lot for £10.00.


A bag of eighteen sample sized skin care products, all good names like Clarins. A bag of four Mary Kay make up and skin care products. I’d never heard of Woodland Escape and I now see the pack comes from Wilko, but probably none the worse for that.


An unabridged audio CD set of An Infamous Army, still sealed.


A gaudy enameled (sp?) parrot brooch. Now that I’ve got it home, I see it’s quite good quality.


Probably bargain of the day was this Hunkydory Winter Wonderland Luxury Card Collection. This is part of the current range, usually costs £24.99 and one of the regular traders was selling them for £10.00 each. Thrilled with that, and if I’d had more cash on me I’d have bought the other sets she had as well.

I was rather overexcited by all this when I got home. I wish I could do vlogs, like Caroline of Mrs M’s Meanderings because, as she says, it’s much easier than taking all these photographs and writing everything up.
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