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May 2019



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At the Market


There weren’t many sellers at the market this morning yet I did better than I have done for ages. I’d hardly started looking round when I found a box of old books and amongst them these by O Douglas. I tried for £2.00 but got them for £3.00. I already have a set of the Nelson Pocket series so they can go. Unforgettable Unforgotten I’ll be keeping as I don’t have it. A new cover needed for that one. I’m sorry to say, in view of my constant complaints about how I have no room for my books, that I’ll also be keeping the Yellow Jacket, simply because I already have two of the novels in the same edition and I like them.

Next I found a seller who sold me this little lot for £10.00.


A bag of eighteen sample sized skin care products, all good names like Clarins. A bag of four Mary Kay make up and skin care products. I’d never heard of Woodland Escape and I now see the pack comes from Wilko, but probably none the worse for that.


An unabridged audio CD set of An Infamous Army, still sealed.


A gaudy enameled (sp?) parrot brooch. Now that I’ve got it home, I see it’s quite good quality.


Probably bargain of the day was this Hunkydory Winter Wonderland Luxury Card Collection. This is part of the current range, usually costs £24.99 and one of the regular traders was selling them for £10.00 each. Thrilled with that, and if I’d had more cash on me I’d have bought the other sets she had as well.

I was rather overexcited by all this when I got home. I wish I could do vlogs, like Caroline of Mrs M’s Meanderings because, as she says, it’s much easier than taking all these photographs and writing everything up.


Lovely things!
Blimey, quick response! Yes indeed, lucky me.
I love that icon.
I wondered afterwards if I should have used my pink rose icon!

Mine comes from a collage that my mother did sometime in the 1960s. Maybe I should make an online gallery for them? I will ask her.
What an amazing haul. I might be interested in any O Douglas you are parting with.
I've emailed you about the books.


Enjoyed reading this and Envied your bargains. Why do any boot sales I go to just seem to have a load of rubbish? I am glad you post photos - my slow connection takes too long to download videos
I love reading about other people's bargains myself, which is why I do these posts.

The secret of success is going regularly. Our market is a long established one, open three days a week for regular traders (like the fruit and veg people) and also, now, an antiques centre. The boot sale sellers are only there on Saturday mornings.
Great haul!

I wouldn't have been able to resist the skin care samples either.
Thank you!

I'm amazed that people virtually give away this sort of thing. In the past I've bought lovely gift packs of soap etc., all new and very cheap.
Well, who's a bargain Queen then? :) I'd have bought the skin products and that parrot is just precious. Does it have a maker's mark on the back?
Ha ha! It's the thrill of the chase and wondering what I might find that keeps me going down there before eight each Saturday. Plus, the fruit and veg is good quality and half the price it is in supermarkets.

No maker's mark, alas, but I still really like it. Bling!
Thank you! Glad I'm not the only one who likes a bit of bling occasionally. The amazing thing is that the seller just threw the brooch in with all the other stuff.