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At the Market

I’m so glad I went this morning! My first purchase was a charming collection of old greetings cards and postcards. There are seventeen here (my choice out of many available) and the seller wanted 50p each for them but I haggled successfully. Next I bought a new (naturally, what do you take me for?) Bobbi Brown make up brush which was just what I needed.

Until recently I’d never even heard of Edith Olivier. Then Anna Thomasson brought out A Curious Friendship: The Story of a Bluestocking and a Bright Young Thing, about Olivier’s friendship with Rex Whistler. I’m hoping to get this from the library. By an amazing coincidence one of my pet sellers had a lot of old books today and I was pleased to find this:

As you can see, the frontis and title page are by Rex Whistler. I had a quick look through and it seems just the sort of book I shall like, so I’m looking forward to reading it.

I got yet more Hunkydory bargains on the stationery and craft stall and the magazine was free with my other purchases. The same seller has another stall, where she replaced my watch battery for £2.50, or half what any local jeweller would charge.

The nursery people are selling off their stock and I bought all these plants for a pound each. Mostly annuals but I have gaps to fill, as I hate the sight of bare soil. I’ve already planted the lot, watered them in and washed the pots, because that’s my rule. To do this, I had to put on a hat because, contrary to all forecasts, it’s really hot. It’s a pity there was no one around to see me looking such a country lady. Come to think of it though, I don’t think real ladies wear ancient gardening-only cargo trousers.
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