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July 2019



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Rose Blight

Trying to use Crafter’s Companion Die’sire Fancy Christmas Edge’ables

This post will be meaningless to most of the people who look at my blog; also to experienced card makers.

I fell for these Edge’ables and what could be done with them, so I ordered the Reindeer Dance. Online, I found the Create & Craft TV programme which was flogging these and skipped until I found and felt I’d mastered the instructions. Imagine my disappointment when at my first attempt I found that my Cuttlebug simply would not cut the centre of the die. I tried various different sandwiches, all in vain. Then I found that the die cut much better if it were placed in the machine vertically. Problem: the Cuttlebug won’t take even a six inch card sideways. So I hunted through my stash and found this small card, 15cm deep when opened out.

According to instructions, I lined up the points at each end of the die with the card fold. I used Washi tape to hold it in position. As the die is so detailed, I also used greaseproof paper between the die and the card. I ran it through twice and then embossed it as well. Getting the card out of the die was still a fiddle, but it worked! I had an offcut of the same card, which I stuck inside to hide the cut-out shape. Sorry about the photo: this is now looking inside towards the front.

This wouldn’t be necessary with a large card but with such a small one, I needed more space for a message inside. Standing up, the card now looked like this (I just put a piece of red card behind so that the design would show up.)

Now it needs decorating.

The only way I can use this die is to make titchy cards or use it as a regular die, cutting off the edge which hasn’t been cut. That rather defeats the purpose of having the die in the first place. So I’m very disappointed and would only recommend the dies if you have a large die cutting machine. I’d be interested to hear from anyone else who’s found the same problem.

Edit: I've recently found that Joanna Sheen, on her site, says that edgeable dies work best in big machines. if only all sellers were as honest!


It is very beautiful but that sounds frustrating.
Isn't it pretty? You can see why I wanted the die. But I'm sorry its use is going to be so much more limited than I expected.
It looks stunning but I fear I've no solutions.
Thank you, I think it's rather charming. As for solutions, hmm. They haven't quite breached the Trades' Descriptions Act but to promote it as working in all machines?
It's absolutely lovely! I'm afraid I can be no help as I'm pretty crap at arty stuff and wouldn't know where to begin!
It's a brilliant idea, just one that isn't going to be as useful to me as I'd hoped.



I am incredibly frustrated as well! Spent a lot of money on these dies and can't use them. When these were sold on HSN and on the tutorials on YouTube, the actual cutting of the dies is not demonstrated. Now I see why. The typical machines we put these through in the United States aren't cutting through them. This was a HUGE waste of money!!!

Re: Edgeables

Infuriating, isn't it?
I put my die on ebay, making it very clear exactly why I was selling it and it sold for nearly as much as I paid!


Re: Edgeables

i did the same thing ,i read get metal plate i did £16 pounds then it got my plates stuck in eBOSSER had to buy rubber hammer still no good so my eBOSSER had to come apart got the die out but then could not get back in case so noe no machine i have sent them back for refund,they are no good and craft companion don't want to know its cost me a lot. ( now )

Re: Edgeables

What a pain!


Re: Edgeables

I ordered 2 of these dies from HSN. I too own a Cuttlebug. I found that these would not cut no matter how many times I ran them through. I left a comment on HSN how displeased I was with the dies. I also sent them back. I now see when these products are on HSN now, the woman really pushes her Gemini machine; she says there is no trouble when you use the dies with that machine! BOO!

Re: Edgeables

Isn't it a pain? I've had another similar experience with the new dies from Hunkydory, the big frame dies. They said they worked 'in most machines'. They don't work in a Cuttlebug because you can't rotate them. I complained and they now always say you need an A4 machine to use the dies properly! If only these companies would be upfront about these issues before we've spent our money.