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May 2019



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If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,

Currently on 180.

Edit: and now he's made 200. In spite of this, the BBC blog is running a 'things more interesting than this match' tweet-in.


He's gone now but what a fantastic innings of 263!
A captain's innings, and just what an opening batsman should do!
I want to see him do that to the Aussie bowling next year! Good to see him back in form.
Wouldn't that be great?

You're so lucky to be able to watch the cricket.
I thought the match I went to in Barbados would go down in history as the all-time most boring match ever, but it looks like this one has beaten it. And at least I got to see my boring match in Barbados, must be even worse being bored in the UAE.
Apparently everyone watching looked pretty fed up. Imagine paying to go out there for it!

I don't go with the criticism of Captain Cook for a dull innings, though. He did what he was there to do.
Indeed - I'd say it was a pitch problem, not a player problem. A lot of people didn't turn up for the fifth day at the Barbados test we were at. It was a flat pitch, so it all came down to whether the bowler or batsman was worn out and made a mistake first. There was no way for either team to win in five days on that pitch. Sounds like a similar situation this time.

I enjoyed the food at the ground (including the chap hawking fishcakes from a tray in the stand), and the people around us, and the radio commentary, so it wasn't too bad. Not sure what the 'stadium life' is like in the UAE, but sporting events over there always look quite starchy and characterless... the grounds look too new to have developed a personality.