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May 2019



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Remembering today …

Someone I never knew but should have done.

Frank Aldridge. He’s the little boy in the back row, wearing a striped blazer. My husband’s uncle. He was shot down and killed flying over the Netherlands. I have many heartbreaking letters exchanged between his parents and kind Dutch people. Frank must have been still at grammar school in 1939, then joined the RAF as soon as he could. He was nineteen when he died.


What a sweet photo. He was the same age as my great uncle Alex. Letters add to the sense of loss and it brings home the sheer waste of the young.
It's their youth that gets you. All the years which should have been ahead of them.
It's heartbreaking. My mother's cousin Siddy was 18 and 4 months when he was killed at Arnhem in 1944 his mother never got over it.

And in 2007 my brother's friend Jake was 22 when he died in Afghanistan. His mother has never got over it either. It seems we have learned nothing.
Too true. Frank's parents never got over it and both died quite young. My M-I-L told me she felt unwanted because they'd lost their precious son and she was just the girl.

It's their youth that gets you.

It's exactly that.


Lovely photo, and heartbreaking is the word.
The photo is of the entire village school!
I wonder how many of the other little boys had to fight?
That is so sad.

Lovely photo, thanks for sharing.

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There are so many other sad stories, alas.
That's so sad - 19. No age at all.
Absolutely. He was a clever boy; who knows what he might have done?
Too true.