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October 2019



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woman's magazine

New magazine: The Scribbler

I’m sure many people who visit here are already familiar with the Greyladies imprint. Titles printed so far include adult novels by authors better known for their children’s books, like Josephine Elder and Lorna Hill, novels Noel Streatfeild published as Susan Scarlett and previously unpublished work by D E Stevenson. I needn’t go on as you can see the books for yourself on the website. There are brief reviews of some I’ve read here.

Now Shirley Neilson has a new venture: ‘A Retrospective Literary Review’, known as The Scribbler. I thought I’d buy the first issue before deciding whether or not to take out a subscription and I may be hooked. People still lamenting the demise of Folly magazine will find much to please them here, including articles by some familiar contributors. This first issue includes a short story by D E Stevenson, reviews of novels set in girls’ schools, crime and scandal in girls’ schools and a Literary Trail of the Scottish Borders which will have you searching your shelves for the books mentioned, so that you can read them again. All this and charming period illustrations, too.

If you share my interest in children’s and middlebrow books, The Scribbler could be for you.


The Scribbler sounds perfect for you. Do you subscribe online or is it available in WHSmith and newsagents?
Yes, it's just my sort of thing! I wrote several articles and reviews for Folly myself, and I miss it (the mag, not the writing so much). You have to subscribe to The Scribbler via the publisher, so it's very unlikely you'd ever see it in Smith's.
I enjoyed the first issue as well. I'm a fan of Greyladies & seem to be collecting them faster than I can read them. Still, they're perfect rainy day books so I know I'll get to them all sooner or later.
A promising start and complements the books.
I wish I'd bought more!
The magazine is good and will get better once it has a readership base, letters and comments etc.
Thanks for the recommendation. It sounds very much like my sort of thing.